Feng Yi’s twin (23 August 2006 – 27 August 2006)

Strictly speaking, the cub in the photo is not a myPanda, but he is closely related to one of them. He is Feng Yi’s older twin brother, and uncle to her kids Gong Gong and Nuan Nuan if he is still here. Well, even if he’s not here anymore, he is still their uncle.

He was actually my first adopted panda, but the adoption was not meant to be; due to various health problems, including a harelip, he only lived four days and died on 27 August 2006. Today is the 10th anniversary of his passing.

I just want to remember him with a short blog post of his own. If not for him, I would not have adopted Feng Yi. After I was informed of his death, I was told he had a younger twin, a sister; I was asked if I wanted to transfer the adoption to her. That was how I came to adopt Feng Yi.

I think of him now and then, and open up his photo to look at him. I sometimes even wonder what he would be like if he had survived. I imagine a very gentle bear living in a special section of the panda base, maybe the quarantine area in Dujiangyan. He would be well cared for and much loved by the keepers. I would’ve kept up my adoption of him, the way I’ve kept up Feng Yi’s for the last 10 years. But then, I would never have met Feng Yi. And my life wouldn’t be where it is today.

Thank you, little one.


His birth had made the news in China and was picked up around the world, including Malaysia.