Their first Chinese New Year in Malaysia

Almost nine months since Fu Wa and Feng Yi arrived in Malaysia, and almost eight months since they went on public display at the Giant Panda Complex in Zoo Negara Malaysia. today marked another milestone in their new life here – their first Chinese New Year with us.

I was there early to see them on this special day, and managed to get some good photographs before I had to leave for the start of my own short CNY break.

Early visitors were treated to both of them not sleeping.

Fu Wa was ‘booing away on his platform but stopped to grant me a nice smile.


Feng Yi was exploring a new item in her yard and seemed to quite like it.


Here’s a full view of the new item.


By the time I left the Zoo at around 10:45 a.m., the main car park was already full, with the line of cars driving towards the second car park extending back to the main road. Less than two hours later, the jam was backed up to Melawati about five minutes away.

While Fu Wa and Feng Yi are no doubt the main attractions, visitors will be walking around to see the other animals enjoying new enclosures thanks in part to this black and white pair.