Third most memorable “Panda Moment of the Year”


Tahniah, Zoo Negara Malaysia, for winning the bronze award in the “Panda Moment of the Year” category in the Giant Panda Zoo Awards 2014.

Zoo Negara, which was nominated in four categories, was also in the final Top 5 placing for its other nominations: “Favourite Panda Outside of China” (Feng Yi – 5th place), “Human Panda Personality of 2014” (Chet Chin – 4th), and “Favourite Panda Enclosure Outside of China” (Zoo Negara Malaysia – 5th place).

The Zoo’s bronze winning “Panda Moment of the Year” happened when Fu Wa and Feng Yi arrived in May 2014 to become the first giant pandas to live in Malaysia. Many in the non-panda world thought it would not happen after the original departure date from Dujiangyan in April was cancelled with no new departure date announced. But the departure eventually happened a month later, and the pair has settled in their new home in Zoo Negara Malaysia where they have been happily munching bamboo for the last eight months.

Congratulationss again to the panda team led by Dr Naim Ramli.