Quarantine Update

Note: While I cannot promise there will be regular updates on Fu Wa and Feng Yi during their quarantine period at the giant panda complex in Zoo Negara Malaysia, I will share here what can be shared as and when I get them. Chances are some of the local media may get the updates before me. I will try my best.


It is more than 24 hours since Fu Wa and Feng Yi were moved into the quarantine area after their arrival yesterday morning.

They are both settling in and doing fine. How can we be sure about that? Well, both of them are eating normally. When a giant panda eats, it’s a sign that they are comfortable with their surroundings. They are being fed a mix of the food supplies that accompanied them from Dujiangyan panda base and our local produce, including a variety of the bamboo being planted locally for them.

Probably the best news from their first 24 hours at their new home in Malaysia – they are enjoying our buluh betung (scientific name: Dendrocalamus asper) while still adjusting to the other varieties.

Either Fu Wa or Feng Yi seen on the cam monitor for Den 1
(Source: The Star Online)