It’s getting closer

Fu Wa and Feng Yi are in quarantine at CCRCGP Dujiangyan Base, ahead of their departure to Malaysia sometime next month.

Their new home at Zoo Negara Malaysia is nearing completion. A walk-through of the exhibit area was done recently with 200 volunteers to ensure that the flow worked and would not be overwhelming.

There is one outstanding piece of business – the results of the naming competition held to commemorate the signing of the loan agreement back in June 2012.

Will Fu Wa and Feng Yi have new names when they arrive in Malaysia?

All news reports have continued to use their “Chinese” names. Likewise the information panels at their new home.

Does this mean they will continue to be known as Fu Wa and Feng Yi? I would like that very much. However, Jeroen Jacobs, owner of the very excellent GiantPandaZoo site reminded me that Ueno Zoo Tokyo’s pandas Bi Li and Xian Nu received their new names Ri Ri and Shin Shin only after they arrived there.

We can only wait and see. Meanwhile, I’m missing my Feng Yi and look forward to seeing both of them next month.