myPanda weaning has started

This morning at the panda complex, Feng Yi came out to her exhibit yard and the door slid close behind her. Where was Nuan Nuan? Have they been separated since my last visit a week ago? I asked the nearest staff and was told Lil’ Missy would be coming out to the yard after the 11:30 a.m. call-in. They have not been separated, but the weaning process has begun.

Yesterday was the first day. They were kept apart for two hours in the morning, with Feng Yi in the yard and Nuan Nuan in her den in the back area. After the 11:30 a.m. call-in when the yard had been cleaned and stocked with fresh food, Nuan Nuan had come out with her mother and remained on exhibit the rest of the day. It would be the same today. Or should.

Around 11:30 a.m., I was told she would be coming out at 12 noon. Papa went in, his yard got cleaned and restocked with bamboo and treats, he came out and started eating. Mama went in, her yard got cleaned and restocked with bamboo and treats, she came out but without Nuan Nuan. I asked and was told she would be coming out at 1:00 p.m. Mama settled down to eat and was soon on the middle tier of the platform. At one point, a screeching sound could be heard from behind the door. Mama hurried down from the platform and stood facing the door. She then walked to the gap to try to see (or smell) what was going on. I messaged Nizam and was told Nuan Nuan was crying. They were going to let her calm down before letting her out.

I was on the walkway facing the platform when I saw the visitors looking down towards the door. I hurried over just in time to see their mother-and-child reunion. See for yourself what happened.

Like they haven’t seen each other in years

NN: Mama, mama, I’ve missed you SO much

FY: *sniff* What is this? How can I let you go when you
can’t even clean yourself properly yet??

After this touching reunion (not), Mama was ready for her after-meal snooze. Nuan Nuan was very active but did not bother Mama too much, instead keeping herself busy, eating like as if the keepers had been starving her in her den. Had they??

And then not three hours later …

Nursing? Hmm …

All the best to their weaning. Hope Lil’ Missy settles down to enjoy her own company. Mama certainly has, savouring her treats without anyone stealing from her.