Two images two years apart

There’s no need to ask who’s who in the following photos. Even without looking at the names in the photos credits, you can tell who’s who. Mama fills the platform which baby still needs to grow into.



The interesting thing about the two photos is that they were taken almost two years apart. The one of mama Feng Yi was taken on 30 June 2014, just two days after she and Fu Wa made their debut at the giant panda complex in Zoo Negara Malaysia. The one of their offspring Nuan Nuan was taken on 25 June 2016.

Both are shown with a variety of treats nearby. No surprise for mama; as for baby, the keepers are now leaving treats for her, too. She started by mimicking what mama was doing, putting bamboo in her mouth and then picking up other treats while out in the yard. Now she’s actually eating them, although rather slowly.

Nuan Nuan is still nursing. This has mostly been a private activity confined to the night rooms. Lately, she’s nursed out in the yard, and quite often, too, like two out of the three days I was there recently. Often, when visitors noticed what was going on, they would say “oh, nan-nan” (Chinese slang for nursing) or “susu” (Malay for milk) and soon other visitors would realise what they were seeing before them. I’m not sure if they agree, but to me, it’s a privilege to see mama Feng Yi breastfeeding her little girl in public.