Milestone for mummy and baby

Before my recent trip, I’d hoped to be granted a short visit with Feng Yi and her baby. I got that, and much more.

I got to see them every day.

I got to celebrate the baby’s full moon.

I got to see Feng Yi allowing baby to be taken away by a keeper for its first month check-up.

I got to see baby being returned to mummy.

After some confusion, I learned the baby’s sex. IT’S A GIRL! **

And then I got to see this.

Empty nest?

Well, I got to see the cam version in the keepers’ office.

It was the next to last day of my trip. I was taking a break there and looking at the various cams when I noticed that Feng Yi’s cam was showing the usual corner but sans her familiar bulk. Baby was all alone, with only bamboo for company.

I walked over to see where she’d gone to. And this was what I found.

Feng Yi eating away from her baby

This was the first time since the baby was born that Feng Yi was sitting away from her, taking care of her own needs first. It was a good sign. At 34 days, the baby was old enough to be left on her own, and Feng Yi’s natural mothering instinct knew that.

It was a milestone for both mummy and baby, and I got to see it.

Their next milestone would happen around baby’s 10 weeks when Feng Yi would venture even further from her little one for her first visit outdoors. I would not be there to see it. But I did see another panda mama Xi Xi out for the first time in her yard so I have an idea what it will be like for Feng Yi on that day.

It will be awesome.

** Update
An article in the 12 October 2013 issue of The Star said the baby is male. I sent a text message to one of the vets who replied via email to confirm baby is a boy. Well, at least we didn’t have to wait four years to find out, like what happened to Atlanta-born Mei Lan.