Full moon

Feng Yi’s baby is a month old today. Here’s a photo of mummy and baby at 30 days on 17 September 2013.


Compare this to a week ago on 10 September 2013.


The baby was taken for its one-month check-up yesterday afternoon. I was there and got to see the keeper take the baby from Feng Yi; it took two carrots for her to let him have the baby. The baby was placed in a large plastic box and driven to the hospital just down the road and returned within 20 minutes. But mummy was eating so the baby was taken to the keepers’ office to wait a bit. Later, I got to see how the baby was returned to her, something that I’d previously seen only in a video, but now in real life and with my own panda daughter and her baby.

While baby was waiting in the keepers’ office, I asked the two keepers who’d accompanied it for the check-up if they’ve determined the baby’s sex. One keeper quickly replied, “yes, a girl”, but the second keeper said, “no, it’s a boy”.

Hmm, I guess I’ll need to ask the vet who did the actual check-up.

Oh, baby’s weight at 30 days – 1,375 grams.