Feng Yi is a new mummy

This afternoon, the Wolong Panda Club website published an article about the celebration they had for Fu Wa’s and Feng Yi’s birthdays. Well, the birthday celebration was mostly for Fu Wa.

According to the article, Feng Yi’s was a little different because she had just had a baby and it was not convenient for the Panda Club staff to visit her. Instead, her keepers, on everyone’s behalf, had wished her a happy birthday and good health for both new mummy and baby.

Okay, *deep breath*

My panda girl is a mummy, which makes me a … grandmummy.

I knew she’d come into estrus earlier this year. In fact, she’d come into estrus the previous two years but she was away in Guilin where there were no male pandas so she spent a lot of time destroying trees and cooling off in her pool. This year, however, she is back in Bifengxia, and a decision was made to mate her and let nature take its course.

Not every mating results in pregnancy. In Feng Yi’s case, it not only resulted in pregnancy but a new cub, too.

She’s the second female from her birth year to become a mother. Last year, Si Xue gave birth to twins.

So it’s congratulations to Feng Yi and congratulations to the team in Bifengxia Panda Base, and congratulations to me, too.

Oh, here’s the birthday article:

And the baby’s date of birth – 18 August 2013.