Update: New arrival date for Fu Wa and Feng Yi

I’d gone to the Zoo Negara Malaysia website to search for some information, and was greeted by this banner:

Screenshot of banner from Zoo Negara Malaysia website


Yes, that’s a more reasonable date to aim for. More time to get things right, and have other things in place, too. Things like publicity and an educational programme. Hopefully a membership programme, too, for adults.

*big sigh of relief*

Then a while later, the worrywart in me reared her ugly head with the following questions.

What does the banner headline – ZOO NEGARA WELCOMES GIANT PANDAS IN 2014! – really mean?

Does it mean Fu Wa and Feng Yi will arrive sometime in 2014?

Or does it mean they will make their public debut sometime in 2014?

If the latter, then they will be arriving end of this year?

Hmm …

*whacks worrywart Chet on the head*

I’ll accept the statement as it is. And await further announcements from the Zoo.

Meanwhile …

I was on radio late last Saturday night talking about giant pandas. Here’s a link to the podcast.

Night On Earth: Pigs, Pandas & Poultry

My thanks to She Fah Szetu, the show’s producer and presenter, for her interest, and for letting me ramble on.

Normal publication of the weekly post will resume mid next week.