Getting to know each other

Villa #4 where Fu Wa and Feng Yi were living during my visit in September 2012, has an outdoor mesh fence separating their yards that allows the residents to interact if they happen to be outdoors at the same time. This turned out to be one of the highlights of my trip as I saw them hanging out at the fence on more than one occasion. Most photos were taken from his side of the fence except on my last day with them when I was on her side and saw her walking away.

They seemed to get along and were definitely curious about each other
(Feng Yi facing camera)

Fu Wa trying to open the door?

Fu Wa: “Hello, can you give me a hand?”

Feng Yi: “I think the door handle’s in the middle.”

Fu Wa: “I give up! I’ll try again tomorrow when no one’s looking.”

Fu Wa: “Oh, please don’t go …” (from Feng Yi’s side of the fence)

Fu Wa was not the only panda Feng Yi got to interact with. On the other side of her yard is the lower part of the yard for Villa #3. And the panda living there when I visited in September 2012?

Feng Yi: “Baba? You there?”

It was her biological father, Wu Gang. Of course, she wouldn’t have known he was her dad. Panda fathers don’t have a hand … er, paw … in raising their kids. And she didn’t get to interact with him as much as she did with Fu Wa; Baba didn’t show up at “their” fence as often.